TXT’s Soobin Spills On How Popular Yeonjun Was In School – KpopHit

Before TXT debuted, Yeonjun was Big Hit Entertainment‘s top trainee, always taking the top spot for all rankings. Since he did so well at the company, it’s only natural to think about how his school life had been.

During one of their recent broadcasts, Soobin spilled the tea about it.

After remembering Hueningkai‘s graduation, Soobin remembered another one he attended: Yeonjun’s from high school. At the mention of it, Yeonjun asked what Soobin thought about the experience, leading to the mention of his popularity.

Pointing his thumb at Yeonjun, Soobin bluntly announced, “He was a popular kid. He had a lot of friends.” Yeojun was taken by surprise, laughing. Soobin had proof to back up his statement as well.

Everywhere Soobin had turned during the graduation, there was always someone looking for Yeonjun: “It was amazing. Everywhere I [went], everyone called, ‘Yeonjun.’” It reached the point where Soobin admitted to being a little envious.

Yeonjun hadn’t realized his own popularity, even when looking back on it. There was one thing he remembered, though. He had a lot of fun every time he went to school, proving just how friendly and fun he was to be around.

It’s no surprise that “Big Hit’s Lengendary Trainee” would succeed in gaining popularity among his peers. Hear Soobin recall the memory, starting from 21:02.

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