TXT’s Soobin Reveals How He Keeps His Positive Mindset In The Face Of Hate – KpopHit

As TXT‘s leader, Soobin does whatever is required of him to take care of his group and guide them to greatness. Even so, staying on the flowery path and keeping a positive mindset isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Soobin has a particular way of handling the hate that comes along with it, though.

On a live broadcast, Yeonjun admitted there was one thing he admired most about Soobin and wanted for himself: “I really wish I could have your mentality… He’s really, optimistic and cool.” Taking the compliment, Soobin explained how he maintains an optimistic mindset to make that possible.

At the top of his list of priorities, Soobin focuses his attention not only on the people who he cares about but the people who love him, “I want to be nice to those who love me… I really want to give as much as possible to those who love me.”

When it came to the haters that only had negative things to say, Soobin didn’t have the time nor energy to focus on it. Without any hesitation, he stated, “I have zero intention of begging [for] love [from] those who hate me.”

There was nothing that haters could do or say that would keep Soobin from shining bright and being happy, “I don’t want to spend my time and energy in being angry at that person.” Instead, he wanted to spread love to those who loved him.

No wonder it’s never hard to find Soobin with a smile on his face. No one can break the strong hold on his optimistic mindset except for himself.

I just don’t want to devote my precious time and energy.

Listen to Soobin’s explanation of how he ignores all the haters and focuses on the positive, beginning at 31:50.

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