TWICE’s Nayeon Opens Up On What’s Changed Since Debut, How She Overcomes Hardships, And More

TWICE’s Nayeon is dishing out the details of her recent thoughts in her first interview of the year!

The inteview came after a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, where she opened up about how 2019 was for her, what’s changed for her since debut, and how she’s overcome hardships.

“2019 was the most relaxed year since TWICE’s debut,” Nayeon said. “Before that, it seemed like we were always running nonstop towards the next goalpost, but this past year by comparison felt like a breeze. Of course, the most memorable part about 2019 was our world tour. We were able to meet fans from all over the world. It makes emotional and amazes me, seeing how far and wide the popularity of K-pop has spread.”

On the topic of what has changed about her life since TWICE’s debut six years ago, Nayeon said, “I didn’t have a lot of freedom as a trainee or even in the beginning right after debut. But now I have a little bit more freedom to be more frank and express myself more. I’m not the type to think, ‘I need to live more like that person,’ or ‘Moving forward I should absolutely do this or that.’ I just want to like myself and be happy in the present. More than pursuing large goals, I’m happier pursuing the smaller things.”

The interviewer then asked what was the hardest part for Nayeon about promoting as a member of TWICE, and how she overcomes those hardships. “In the beginning I thought it was natural to receive all this attention and interest,” Nayeon said. “I intentionally chose this path, and went through the difficulties of trainee life and the difficulties of debut. But that attention has continued to grow and grow… It’s scary for me to even walk outside. Whenever I’m tired, I try to empty my mind, because [dwelling on the bad things] never leads to anything good.”

She continued, “Of course, there will always be things that don’t work out the way you want them to, things that will push you past your breaking point from time to time. Whenever that happens, I go and watch videos on YouTube, or I listening to music, or monitoring, things like that that you can do without thinking at all. It’s easier that way.”

Lastly on the topic of her plans for this year, Nayeon jokingly answered, “I dream of waking up without having to set an alarm, and traveling to the sea to stare blankly out at the waves. As far as other plans go, I’d like to do a cover song, or writing a song on my own, to try and challenge myself to do the things that scare me.”

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