TWICE Shares What They Think Is The Secret To Their Teamwork

TWICE appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” on October 1 and opened up about the secret to their strong teamwork.

When asked about it, the members chose honesty as their secret. Nayeon explained, “The members are all very honest. We’re good at expressing ourselves when we’re upset or grateful. We say everything that’s on our minds.”

Sana also added, “I think the secret to our teamwork is that all of us talk to each other a lot,” and Jihyo said, “To be honest, you can’t help but have even the most sensitive parts of your personality on display when you’re in a team. But we’re all very accepting of that for each other, which helps with our teamwork too.”

TWICE is currently busy with promotional activities for their latest title track “Feel Special.”

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