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TWICE, deemed as “Asia’s No. 1 Girl Group,” revealed how learning foreign languages is significant to become a K-pop idol. Nayeon even confessed she couldn’t debut until she gets a certificate.

On March 14, the SBS documentary “Legendary Stage-Archive K” featured the top-tier and K-pop key players to reach the top of the world’s music market today, including Psy, J.Y. Park, Super Junior, BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE.

In the first half of the documentary, the multinational girl group TWICE appeared and unveiled interesting behind-the-scenes stories about their debut.

TWICE Worked Hard to Learn Foreign Languages Prior to their Debut as a Global Group

TWICE, which debuted in 2015 under JYP Entertainment, is a multinational group with four of its nine members composed of foreigners, including Sana, Mina, Momo (Japanese line), and Tzuyu (Taiwanese).

In the broadcast, TWICE then revealed their struggles and why it is important to learn foreign languages during their trainee days and prior to their debut.

MC Sung Si Kyung asked, “Do you have any special classes for foreign members?” Sana, a Japanese member, replied, “I and Momo had Korean lessons for about three years.”

Momo then added, “When I first came to Korea, I couldn’t say a word.” When she added, “I only knew how to say hello,” Sana drew laughter when she narrated, “Even when a person is going out, I only say ‘hello.'”

However, the non-Korean members aren’t the only ones who need to learn a foreign language, as when MC Sandara Park asked if Korean members also took Chinese or Japanese lessons, Jihyo and Nayeon shared their personal stories as well.

The leader of TWICE, Jihyo, surprised everyone that at a young age, she got a Chinese certificate from their company, specifically during her middle school days.

Nayeon also added that “I couldn’t make my debut if I couldn’t get a (foreign language) certificate,” revealing the process the nine members had to undergo before being reborn as a global group.

On the other hand, the broadcast was filmed last fall and interviewed as an eight-member group without member Jeongyeon. TWICE Jeongyeon temporarily suspended her activities in October last year due to severe anxiety ahead of their comeback.

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TWICE Sana, Momo, and Tzuyu Revealed How They Joined JYP Entertainment

In the broadcast on the same day, Sana explained how she joined their agency, JYP Entertainment, she said, “I was cast on the streets in Osaka.”

Sana initially didn’t know JYP, but when a picture of JYP artists was presented to her, the female idol recognized the actors from K-drama, “Dream High” (Bae Suzy, 2PM Jang Wooyoung and Taecyeon), which she watched during that time, she then tried out and eventually got in.

Meanwhile, Momo, the main dancer of TWICE, revealed that she received an offer after the agency saw the dance videos she uploaded on YouTube, while Tzuyu said, “I was attending a dance academy in Taiwan and I received an offer.”

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