TV Personality Ham So Won Gets Hate Comments For Calling Herself The BTS Of The Home Shopping Industry – KpopHit

TV personality and entertainer Ham So Won recently posted on her social media a behind the scenes clip of her on set. However, what caught the attention of netizens was her mention of popular boy group, BTS.

Not only did she include the hashtag #HomeShoppingIndustry’sBTS, and #FIRE, in the video she can be heard claiming that she had only slept for 3 hours and came to work, making her schedule as busy as idols themselves. She then called herself the home shopping industry’s BTS.

In a second post, she also reiterated the same point, but added the hashtags #QueenQueen and #QueenOfSoldOut.

Comments on her post have been left by angered fans, including the following.

  • “Home shopping channels also use celebrities depending on their status level… Mentioning BTS? Let’s just laugh.”
  • “What’s with mentioning BTS. Please just stay still. The Hyejung couple came up on the internet again because of their fight. Did you think being a good mom was simple? Control yourself.”
  • “Heol, same level as BTS? Why are you like this Ahjumma

| @ham_so1/Instagram

She has not since responded to the issue or to any comments.


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