TRCNG exposes abusive conditions living under TS management ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: [Exclusive] “TS was hell” TRCNG reveals evidence of abuse

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+2,992, -22] TS has always had issues

2. [+2,715, -16] Their parents must’ve been so heartbroken ㅠㅠ imagine how bad it must’ve been for the parents to make their own group chat to discuss things ㅜ The crazy guys at the agency don’t even realize how serious this is and are actually laughing about it

3. [+2,565, -17] Malicious agencies that live off of breaking the backs of celebrities need to go bankrupt in order to wake up

4. [+211, -1] Even with the way TS treated Jun Hyosung… you can tell they’re not the best. Hyosung’s career peaked pretty high and she was still only paid 6 millino won

5. [+210, -1] Isn’t TS the agency that didn’t play Sleepy either? Looks like the whole agency’s based off of ripping their artists off.

6. [+197, -1] TS is Secret’s agency, right? I remember they made all four members live in a dangerous half-basement with no curtains so they had to cover the windows with foil ㅋㅋㅋ I guess they never changed ㅋㅋ

7. [+193, -2] How did they even end up with 1.6 billion won in debt when TS barely invested anything in them?

8. [+187, -0] Their mothers saved up to buy their dorm a water filter and AC so that their kids can drink cold water ㅠㅠ that breaks my heart.. imagine how heartbreaking it must’ve been to find out that your kid was living like this

9. [+118, -0] Too much news about TS. Wishing everyone, idols and trainees, to be able to leave safely and be met with better success. Fighting!

10. [+112, -0] With the money TS was spending on buying their shoes, they should’ve been paying their gas bill ㅜㅜ You can’t get away with these things these days, people aren’t dumb enough to fall for it. Apologize, pay up your idols, and leave them go. Let’s please stop playing the devil, yes?

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