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TOP Media has responded to reports that Kim Woo Seok is working on solo music, as well as potential promotional activities as a solo artist.

On January 23, No Cut News released an exclusive report claiming that the UP10TION member is currently working on solo music. Their report stated that though the form of the album or release date had not been confirmed yet, Kim Woo Seok would be releasing new music as a solo artist.

In response to this report, a source from his agency TOP Media stated, “Kim Woo Seok is currently working on a solo song that he will perform for fans at his upcoming fan meeting.” When asked if he will be making his debut as a solo artist, the source responded, “We are still in discussions regarding any solo activities.”

Kim Woo Seok made his debut as a member of UP10TION in 2015, and partook in Mnet’s “Produce X 101,” where he made the final lineup and made his second debut as a member of project group X1. However, following their August debut, a vote manipulation controversy led to the group’s disbandment on January 6.

Kim Woo Seok is currently preparing for his upcoming solo fan meeting, which will take place on February 22.

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