Top Actress Shocked By What She Finds In A Disgusting 5-Star Hotel Room

No one should’ve received a room like that.

A five-star hotel in Guangzhou, Guangdong was recently put into the spotlight for its poor upkeep of its rooms. Top Chinese actress Meme Tian, also known as Tian Pujun, was the one who shared the disgusting details of the room she’d paid 4,000 yuan ($560 USD) a night for.

Meme Tian | @memeamour/Instagram

Through her Douyin account, Meme Tian uploaded a video of all the unsanitary things she found in her room—including a bloodstained bedsheet.

Bloody sheets on the bed of the five-star hotel room. | South China Morning Post

She also found a dirty toilet, a broken tap, and a smeared drinking glass. With so many things left uncleaned, Meme Tian thought it would be best to alert the hotel’s staff. She was wrong.

The dirty toilet in the five-star hotel room. | South China Morning Post

The five-star hotel staff initially offered the famous actress free afternoon tea to make up for it, until they accused her of making the mess himself to secure a free stay.

The worker told me I was welcome to have afternoon tea anytime. I was stunned by her response. Was that a sincere apology? Are people who can afford to stay in such a hotel really interested in a gratis afternoon tea?

We guests expect a hotel to make us feel safe and comfortable. The bedsheets and toilets should be clean. Does the current sanitary condition match its five-star status?

— Meme Tian

Photo is for illustrative purposes only. | truthseeker08/Pixabay

Even though Meme Tian didn’t name the hotel, the Rosewood in Guangzhou came forward and confirmed the incident happened at its hotel. They revealed they were in the process of investigating what happened and were speaking with Meme Tian.

We are carrying out an internal investigation and are liaising with this guest. We are aware of the problem and will definitely make adjustments.

— Rosewood

| @memeamour/Instagram


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