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BLACKPINK member JiSoo, often referred to as YG Entertainment’s visual representative, has a cute personality to match with her beauty.

She’s unique as well, being the sole 100% original South Korean member of the group, as Jennie, Rosé, and Thai member Lisa have all lived overseas.

Below are her cutest moments ever.


Playing Basketball By Herself

The fact that she’s playing by herself is cute alone.

Reporter Jennie shares her commentary, while JiSoo goes at it in the background. As you can see, she misses every shot, yet is still having the time of her life.


Asking For Lisa’s New Expensive Camera

She straight up asks Lisa if she can just have her new expensive camera. Watch Lisa’s expression at the end, as she firmly says “no!”.


Top 5 Cutest Moments With BLACKPINK’s JiSoo



Playing With The Puppy

She wants to play fetch, but clearly, the puppy doesn’t, running away in a matter of just seconds.


Excited About Her New Bag

Usually happens at airports and fashion shows, but this time around…

Inside a shopping center.



What’s That Smell…?


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