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A music video lasts on average between 3 and 5 minutes. However, those on our list exceed 10, 15, and even 20 minutes! Discovers thirteen of them now.

Real short films, this list is an opportunity to immerse yourself more in the atmosphere of the song you are listening to, and to discover, sometimes, the acting talent of certain singers. Most of them date from a few years ago, but it’s also an opportunity to (re)discover artists:


1. ‘Skydive’ by B.A.P = 10.04 minutes

B.A.P was a TS Entertainment group, which debuted on Jan. 26, 2012, and disbanded on February 18, 2019. The title ‘Skydive’ calls for throwing yourself into the void, not being afraid of anything, to be able to fly high in the sky. We discover in the clip the group trying to solve a kidnapping case from which no one comes out unscathed.

Year of release: 2016


2. ‘Timeless’ by SG WANNABE = 10.05 minutes

SG WANNABE is a group who debuted on Jan. 20, 2004, under MNET MEDIA at that time. The song ‘Timeless’ is about the memory of a loved one, who chose to leave out of the relationship. We discover in the clip a mobster escaping the hands of justice, the policeman being represented by a mysterious woman.

Year of release: 2004


3. ‘Irreversible’ by Gain = 10.52 minutes

Gain is a member of the girlsband Brown Eyed Girls, who debuted as a solo artist on Oct. 8, 2010. The song ‘Irreversible’ is about a breakup, which is so unbearable that it tortures us. We discover in the clip a young woman trying to tirelessly pursue her former lover who now only has contempt for her.

Year of release: 2010


4. ‘Roly Poly’ by T-ARA = 12.32 minutes

T-ARA is a group formed under MBK ENTERTAINMENT, which debuted on Jul. 29, 2009. ‘Roly Poly’ is about obsessive love, and our desire to be accepted by a loved one. We discover in the clip the memories of a past life when we had fun as teenagers with friends.

Year of release: 2011


5. ‘It’s over’ by SPEED = 14.30 minutes

SPEED was an MBK ENTERTAINMENT group that debuted on Jan. 15, 2013, and disbanded in November 2015. ‘It’s over’ is about refusing to end a relationship, wondering why our couple didn’t hold out. We discover in the clip two students caught in the torments of the Gwangju uprising which caused many deaths.

Year of release: 2013


6. ‘Sexy Love’ by T-ARA = 14.54 minutes

‘Sexy Love’ is about our burning love for someone we find desirable. We discover in the clip female warriors fighting to the death, being in different clans.

Year of release: 2012


7. ‘Cry Cry’ by T-ARA = 15.48 minutes

‘Cry Cry’ is about sadness and sorrow when our feelings are not shared. We discover in the clip a woman seeking revenge for the murderer of her father when she was a child.

Year of release: 2011


8. ‘Day by Day’ by T-ARA = 15.57 minutes

‘DAY BY DAY’ is about the memory of a relationship that we still have in our skin, and from which we cannot detach. We discover in the clip a criticism of the behavior of humans, acting like gods. We meet the warriors of ‘Sexy Love’, showing the origin of their conflict.

Year of release: 2012


9. ‘Before U Go’ by TVXQ! = 16.01 minutes

TVXQ is an SM ENTERTAINMENT that debuted on Dec. 26, 2003. ‘Before U Go’ is about abusive love and the harm that is caused to a loved one. We discover in this clip the police trying to bring down the local mafia, as well as a love story and rivalry.

Year of release: 2011


10. ‘Deep night sad song’ by E2RE = 18.25 minutes

E2RE was a CS HAPPY ENTERTAINMENT that debuted on Oct. 31, 2012, and disbanded in 2013. ‘Deep nigh sad song’ is about the sadness we feel after the end of a relationship when we listen to music that makes us think about it. We discover in this clip a singer narrowly escaping a kidnapping and then leads a short life of wandering with her savior.

Year of release: 2012


11. ‘Eternally’ by TXT = 19.31 minutes

TXT is a Big Hit Music group that debuted on Mar. 4, 2019. ‘Eternally’ is about a dream in which we are prisoners, and we ask to be saved. We discover in this clip a whimsical world, mixing spirit, dragon, and doppelgänger among others, certain scenes being similar, by their aestheticism, to other known works.

Year of release: 2020


12. ‘The Sentimental Chord’ by SG WANNABE = 22.09 minutes

‘The Sentimental Chord’ is about an ultimate love for someone you can no longer meet, but who is promised to be loved until the end of time. In this clip, we discover life in the trenches during the Korean War, and the family and friends left behind.

Year of release: 2007


13. ‘Every End of the Day’ by IU = 26.54 minutes

IU is an EDAM ENTERTAINMENT solo artist, which debuted on Sep. 18, 2008. ‘Every End of the Day’ is about the love you hide from someone because you don’t dare to take the first step.

Year of release: 2012

Through this list, we see that the golden age of music videos shot to be mini-movies is in 2011 and 2012. Since then, this trend has disappeared. However, looking at the comments under those videos, people seem to be disappointed that they don’t see such long clips anymore. We discover in this clip parts of the life of the young woman as a celebrity, as well as her trip to Venice.



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