Tiffany Talks About Promoting Solo, Support From Girls’ Generation, And Thoughts On Her Future

Tiffany recently met up with news outlet OSEN for an interview on her solo activities.

She has been recently promoting solo under the name Tiffany Young in the United States with releases such as “Lips On Lips” and “Born Again.”

When asked about the difficulties of promoting solo, Tiffany answered, “It is definitely difficult, and I can feel the growing pains. I was able to realize once again that nothing is easy. However, I have definitely gotten stronger, and I am hoping that my experiences will shine. With the name Tiffany Young, I’ve completed my identity once again. I am working hard while holding the responsibility of being Girls’ Generation and an Asian artist.”

She talked about her fellow Girls’ Generation members, saying, “I am the type of person who tries to get through tough times on my own. However, the Girls’ Generation members have been with me for a long time, so they knew [that I was having a hard time] from just the look in my eyes.”

Tiffany elaborated, saying, “I was video calling Sooyoung, and she could read my mind just by looking at my gaze. She came straight to LA. I was so grateful and happy. From the difficult to joyful times, no matter what happens, I always think of Girls’ Generation first. The members really help me a lot. I am always touched by them and gain strength from them.”

She then talked about being the first Korean artist to win an award at the iHeart Radio Music Awards. She remarked, “Even when I heard that I was nominated, I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t something that happened in a moment, but rather I think they liked the music I have done until now. I felt like I had become an artist that represented K-pop, Asia, and women, so it was very meaningful. I gained more passion after receiving this award. I want to promote with even more responsibility.”

Tiffany concluded, “Through all my activities until now, I have gained a variety of knowledge, experience, and freedom. I think that through those times, I have been able to develop my inner elegance and beauty. As much as my 30s are beautiful right now, I believe my 40s and 50s will be even more beautiful. I see a lot of seniors in the industry who experience that. I hope many people will not be limited by time and age and become more confident and happy.”

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