These Are The Top 3 Most Successful Idols From SM Entertainment

Three tune mavens, particularly Kim Tae Hoon (pop tune knowledgeable), Lee Jong Hyun (document manufacturer), and Kim Seong (well-known tune critic) have been requested to select the highest 3 maximum a success singers in SM Entertainment.

After cautious deliberation, they unusually selected the similar 3 acts.

In truth, maximum folks who’ve labored within the tune trade for a very long time can have equivalent ideas.

– Kim Taehoon, pop tune knowledgeable

These are none instead of:



Record manufacturer Lee Jonghyun selected TVXQ as his best group, mentioning their 4th album as the height of idol teams. Their music “Mirotic” was iconic for idol teams.

2. BOA


BOA used to be the start of SM Entertainment‘s luck. Debuting at best 13 years outdated, she made a reputation for herself and her corporate in Japan and Korea. She continues to be some of the standard solo acts in Ok-Pop.

3. H.O.T


H.O.T used to be arguably the preferred group a number of the first technology. With hits like “Candy” and “We Are The Future”, they ensured that Ok-Pop discovered its distinctive taste and catchy tunes.

The mavens identified that TVXQ and H.O.T have one thing in commonplace: each teams are the most efficient idols of the primary and 2nd technology.

Along with BOA, those 3 acts have made their mark within the leisure trade.

These 3 are the highest idols in SM Entertainment as a result of they pioneered the Korean Wave.

– Kim Seong, well-known tune criti

Do you trust their alternatives?

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