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Gallup Korea has released their rankings for the most popular movie actors in Korea for the year 2019, and here are the results.

10. Lee Ha Nui (Extreme Job, Black Money)

이하늬, 사랑스러운 인디언 보조개

9. Hwang Jung Min (Money)


8. Yoo Hae Jin (MAL-MO-E: The Secret Mission, Battle of Fengwudong)


7. Jung Woo Sung (Innocent Witness)


5. Ha Jung Woo – tie (Ashfall, Miss & Mrs. Cops)


5. Lee Byung Hun – tie (Ashfall, Keys to the Heart)

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4. Jo Jin Woong (Jesters: The Game Changers, Man of Men, Black Money)


3. Gong Yoo (Kim Ji-young, Born 1982)

공유, 매력적인 가을 남자

2. Ma Dong Seok (The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil, Bad Guys: The Movie)


1. Song Kang Ho (Parasite, The King’s Letters)

Check out the full Top 10 along with their percentage of votes below.



In addition, 2019 marked the 7th year in a row Song Kang Ho placed in the Top 5 of the rankings. Ma Dong Seok ranked in the Top 5 for the 3rd year in a row, while Gong Yoo made his first appearance in the Top 5 since 2016, when Train to Busan was released.


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