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It seems that congratulations are in order as we now have been introduced to the winning finalists of Mnet’s survival program ‘Produce X 101’, X1, that consists of members SeungWoo, SeungYoun, WooSeok, YohHn, HanGyul, JunHo, MinHee, DoHyun, DongPyo, EunSang, and HyeongJun.

If you’ve been wondering about the positions of each group  member, you now also have your answer.

You can check them out below!

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X1 Official Twitter

Han SeungWoo: Main Vocals

Cho SeungYoun: Lead Vocals, Lead Rap Vocals

Kim WooSeok: Lead Vocals

Kim YoHan: Center, Lead Vocals

Lee Han Gyul: Main Dancer, Sub Vocals

Cha JunHo: Sub Vocals

Son DongPyo: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocals

Kang MinHee: Lead Vocals

Lee EunSang: Sub Vocals

Song HyeongJun: Lead Dancer, Sub Rap Vocals

Nam DoHyun: Main Rap Vocals

x1 members



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