The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Woods Is Allegedly Interested In Working With BTS

According to an article in the Metro, a UK publication, The Rolling StonesRonnie Woods is open to collaborating with BTS.


When he was asked about whether there was interest in working with the group, his response was rather cryptic, leaving it open to interpretation, but it seemed to imply interest, as well as, perhaps, something in the works.


You never know, anything is possible.

—Ronnie Woods


Fans have been reacting to the idea of their favorite boys collaborating with a rock icon, and it’s all been very positive!

Jesus🤞. Seriously since Dionysus I’m waiting for a rockstar collaboration. Specially with Seokjin. I known he will shine singing rock. Yeah rockstar Jin 🔥🔥😍💜

—Twitter User @JHope20000Miles

bts concert

That’s awesome because I’m a Army and I grew up listening to The Rolling Stones 💜✌️🥺

—Twitter User @pennylane__67

What do you think about a BTS x Rolling Stones collaboration? Would you be here for it, or is it a pass for you?

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