The Late Goo Hara’s Father Wins Lawsuit Against Her Late Mother For Failing To Pay Child Support – KpopHit

It has been reported that the late Goo Hara‘s father has partially won his lawsuit against her birth mother. Previously, he had filed a lawsuit against her for failing to pay child support.

According to the Gwangju Family Courts, the court has ruled in favor of the father, partially, regarding the lawsuit. The lawsuit has been ongoing since July 2020. However, it was reported that Goo Hara’s birth mother had failed to show up to court and sent her lawyer instead, despite Goo Hara’s father never failing to attend trials.

Previously, it was reported that Goo Hara’s mother had won her case against the family regarding the inheritance of Goo Hara’s estate. The court had ruled a 6:4 split between her brother Goo Ho In and her birth mother. It was said her mother was not present for most of Goo Hara’s life and was uninvolved in bringing her up.


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