The Kpop artist had the earliest concert at Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome is one of the largest dome stadiums in Japan with a capacity of 50,000 people. This is not a place where artists want to be able to book concerts, but they must be invited. And in order to receive an invitation to perform at the Tokyo Dome, the artist must have a certain degree of success in the Japanese market. Therefore, this place has always been dubbed the "cathedral", a dream for foreign artists when "attacking" the country of cherry blossoms. Up to now, only 12 Kpop artists have been invited to hold concerts at the Tokyo Dome, of which the record for the youngest age to hold a concert here is the YG girl group – BlackPink.

It is not easy for artists to perform in this "cathedral".It is not easy for artists to be able to perform in this "cathedral".

On December 4, BlackPink officially kicked off the first dome tour of its career with the "firing" at Tokyo Dome. Although not promoting in Japan before, the concert night of the group was "sold out" with 55,000 attendees filling the stadium. Thanks to this concert, YG girlgroup has put their name on the top position in the rankings of the youngest Kpop artists to hold their concert at Tokyo Dome at the earliest with 3 years, 3 months and 26 days.

BlackPink at the concert on December 4.BlackPink at the concert on December 4.
55,000 Blinks put together a sea of ​​roses ...55,000 Blinks put together a sea of ​​roses …

… with a lively atmosphere for the show.

2nd place after the BlackPink girls is the "hard cock" of JYP – TWICE. Having 3 Japanese members, the group is very popular in the country of cherry blossoms. The proof is that the products that TWICE released in Japan always achieved good results and after 3 years 5 September, the girls were able to hold concerts at Tokyo Dome. The last position in the top 3 and also the boygroup to hold the concert in this "cathedral" with the youngest age belongs to EXO. The boys achieved this after 3 years and 6 months and 27 days since debut.


EXO concert at Tokyo Dome 2015.

2PM is the character named for the top 4 in the chart. After 4 years, 7 months and 16 days since debut, the JYP boygroup has been invited to perform in this "cathedral". Rain, who is in the same house as the boys, holds the 5th place. The male artist held his first concert at Tokyo Dome when he debuted for 5 years and 1 day a day.


Rain's concert at Tokyo Dome in 2007.

Appearing in 6th place is the popular boygroup BTS. It took the Big Hit boys 5 years and 5 months to perform at this top Japanese stadium. 7th place belonged to "the eastern gods" TVXQ. After 5 years and 6 days of the debut, the boygroup was invited to perform concerts at Tokyo Dome, becoming the first Kpop group to do this.

Silver sea of ​​ARMY (BTS fandom) ...Silver sea of ​​ARMY (BTS fandom) …
... and the red sea of ​​Cassiopeia (fandom TVXQ) at Tokyo Dome.… and the red sea of ​​Cassiopeia (fandom TVXQ) at Tokyo Dome.

In 2013, Kara officially became the first Kpop girl group to be invited to Tokyo Dome. The girls did this after debuting for 5 years and 9 days in August and ranked 8th in the chart. The last 2 positions in the top 10 belong to SHINee and Big Bang respectively. 2 boygroup cco1 time to hold a concert at the top dome stadium in Japan are 5 years 9 months 17 days and 6 years 3 months 16 days.

Moment of the hit version Step – Kara rang at the Tokyo Dome.

Project that Japanese fandom sent to SHINee boys in this "cathedral" concert.Project that Japanese fandom sent to SHINee boys in this "cathedral" concert.

Review BigBang's first concert at Tokyo Dome in 2012.

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