“The Divine Fury” Cast Praises Park Seo Joon, Director Describes How Park Seo Joon’s Character Is Different

July 11, “The Divine Fury” stars Park Seo Joon, Ahn Sung Ki, and Woo Do Hwan were given in combination for a movie exhibit.

The upcoming movie is a supernatural motion mystery a couple of champion fighter named Yong Hoo (performed through Park Seo Joon) who seeks out Father Ahn (Ahn Sung Ki), an exorcist, when he abruptly develops abnormal wounds on his arms. Together, they take a stand towards robust evil forces wreaking havoc within the human global.

Speaking in regards to the movie, Park Seo Joon stated, “You’ll find out when you see it later, but there’s incredible action in the film. I thought, ‘This is the taste of hell.’” Ahn Sung Ki praised Park Seo Joon’s motion abilities, pronouncing, “If Park Seo Joon were a UFC fighter, he would be the world champion. It’s really something to watch.”

Director Kim Joo Hwan, with whom Park Seo Joon in the past labored within the movie “Midnight Runners,” stated, “Before, Park Seo Joon had a somewhat boyish, puppy charm, but [for this film] he’s back with incredible masculinity and darkness.”

Woo Do Hwan, the youngest of the 3 leads, stated, “My character wasn’t easy. It was tough. Maybe it wouldn’t have been if it was just for one day, but because it went on, it was hard. The action was difficult, too. In [playing this character], I developed a lot of patience, and I stuck through it for the movie. I wanted to make the viewers gasp in surprise.”

He expressed his admiration for his co-stars, pronouncing that whilst on set, he concept he would like not anything higher than to change into like Ahn Sung Ki one day. He added, “I think Park Seo Joon has the best energy in the world. Working with such a genius director and seniors in the industry, I was really lucky, and I learned a lot on set.”

Closing, Park Seo Joon stated he doesn’t get to peer his fanatics a lot since he’s an actor. “I was worried about the premiere, but meeting such supportive people, it’s giving me strength. We worked really hard on the film, and you won’t regret watching. This will be an opportunity for my fans to see a different side of me.”

“The Divine Fury” premieres July 31.

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