THE BOYZ to Release 2nd Full Album ‘Sixth Sense’ Today (20th) Gathered Only What They’re Good At – KpopHit

The boy group THE BOYZ is set to captivate fans with their year-end release, “Sixth Sense,” which is described as a “dark fantasy” concept. The album, including the title track “WATCH IT,” is part 2 of their 2nd full album, “PHANTASY,” and will be released through major online music platforms on the 20th. Following the album release, THE BOYZ will hold a worldwide live showcase, where they will unveil the stage for their new song “WATCH IT” for the first time.

“Sixth Sense” represents a transformation for THE BOYZ into a “Bad Boy” concept with a dark fantasy theme that aims to stimulate not only the five senses but also the sixth sense. The album features participation from renowned lyricist Jo Yoon-kyung, as well as the global producing team LDN Noise, showcasing a broadened musical spectrum. “WATCH IT” is described as an alluring track with a captivating bass sound, highlighting THE BOYZ’s unique charm as they embrace the “Bad Boy” concept.

The album includes a variety of tracks, such as the special unit song “덫 (Rat In The Trap)” featuring members Sangyeon, Jacob, Kevin, New, and Juhaknyeon, as well as “Honey,” the first English-language song by THE BOYZ, sung by Sunwoo and Eric, and other tracks like “Bad Luck,” “CRYING&LAUGHTER,” and “Escape.” THE BOYZ has been on a successful streak, achieving significant recognition in both domestic and international music charts and awards ceremonies with their previous releases, including their 8th mini-album “BE AWAKE” and the first part of their 2nd full album, “Christmas In August.” With their continuous growth, they are expected to maintain their momentum through “Sixth Sense” and captivate global fans with their unique transformation into “Bad Boys.”




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