The BIGBANG member who caused controversy because he chose 2NE1 is "The group that contributes the least to YG"

Recently, Daesung (BIGBANG) appeared as a guest on a famous YouTube channel. As a member who lives a private life and does not use social networks, every time Daesung reappears, he attracts attention from the fan community. However, this time the presence of BIGBANG's vocalist caused negative reactions from viewers.

Daesung on a recent show

Specifically, when participating in a quiz game, Daesung must answer sensitive questions with the purpose of making people laugh. With questions “List the following artists according to their contribution to the success of YG Entertainment?”, Daesung chose Teddy, Jinusean, BLACKPINK and finally 2NE1. Daesung chose 2NE1 as the artist who contributed the least to YG, causing people to protest.

BIGBANG member caused controversy because he chose 2NE1 as the group that contributed the least to YG - Photo 2.

Daesung chose 2NE1 as the artist who contributed the least to YG, causing people to protest.

Not stopping there, Daesung also caused controversy because he gave the results to the question “Who is the member who contributes the least in 2NE1? (the question requires choosing a member who can be eliminated from the group). Stand.” Before the “ironic” challenge, the male idol commented: “It's too harsh to say pick a member who could be eliminated from the group”but in the end still chose Minzy.

2NE1 at their recent New Year reunion

Daesung's reaction caused Korean netizens to “stone” him for being rude. The game no longer retained its humorous purpose, 2NE1's career was brought down even though the two groups had a close relationship. Recently, 2NE1 had a reunion at the beginning of the year with all 4 members, fans couldn't stop sobbing. The fact that the group was suddenly caught up in the noise made fans even more upset.

Knet judged that both the program and the artists answering questions were lacking in sophistication. Some comments include:

– Shouldn't have done that without talking about BIGBANG yourself.

– I feel like this channel's production team is really bad.

– Why did you drag 2NE1 in? How rude.

– How can you say Minzy deserves to be kicked out of the group?

– Aren't you a close junior of your group? I can answer differently without choosing. This is just a question for interaction.


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