Tension Peaks As Police & Media Exchange Blame on G-Dragon’s Drug Accusations— Who’s at Fault?

In the ongoing saga surrounding the drug accusations against renowned singer G-Dragon, a heated exchange of blame has erupted between law enforcement and the media.

The latest twist in this controversy involves the National Institute of Forensic Science’s analysis of G-Dragon’s hair samples, which yielded shocking results: negative for any traces of drugs.

This revelation marks a pivotal setback for the police, whose case heavily relied on substantiating the drug use allegations with physical evidence.

The absence of any concrete proof from G-Dragon’s hair analysis, capable of detecting drug use for up to a year, raises significant doubts about the credibility of the accusations against him.


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The ongoing investigation’s cornerstone rests on the testimony of ‘A,’ a 29-year-old female identified as a six-time offender arrested on charges of drug and marijuana use.

However, the lack of corroboration from G-Dragon’s forensic examinations, including the pending results of the fingernail test, poses a formidable challenge to the police’s case.

This turn of events has ignited a blame game between the police and the media. Law enforcement officials pointed fingers at the media for not thoroughly investigating the case before the allegations gained traction.

They defended their approach, citing the difficulty of the investigation without concrete evidence and their commitment to close the case swiftly.

Media Slams Police Over G-Dragon Case, Citing Lack of Substantial Evidence

Conversely, the media has lambasted the police’s handling of the investigation, criticizing their reliance on ‘A’s statement without substantial corroborative evidence.

Reports emphasize the embarrassing situation for the police, unable to secure vital physical evidence for over a month due to successive negative test outcomes.


(Photo : Yonhap News)

The tension between the two factions escalates as the case unfolds, with each side vehemently defending its stance.

The police continue to search for additional evidence to support the allegations against G-Dragon, while the media intensifies its scrutiny of the investigation’s credibility and methods.

Amidst this clash of interests, the public remains on edge, awaiting the outcome of the pending fingernail examination, which could either bolster or further undermine the police’s case against the beloved singer.

As the investigation into G-Dragon’s alleged drug involvement continues, the battle between the police and the media rages on, leaving the public captivated by the unfolding drama and anxious for definitive answers in this high-profile case.

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