SuperM’s Baekhyun Has Everyone Going Back In Time With His Mention Of Bacon On “Ellen” – KpopHit

SuperM‘s Baekhyun caught everyone off guard with the turn his introduction took on The Ellen Show.

superm baekhyun

He began by introducing himself, “Hi, I’m Baekhyun.” The cheers were so loud he had to pause before his next words. They were more than worth the wait, though.

Just in case someone couldn’t pronounce his name, he gave them an alternative. He then announced the all too familiar name to call him…

You can call me Bacon.

The mention of it had EXO-Ls having flashbacks and pulling out old memes of the time when they would jokingly call him that.

It seems like Baekhyun had remembered it well. Listen to Bacon bring back the funny name here.

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