Super Junior’s Leeteuk Shares Story Of Signed BTS Album He Received Via J-Hope’s Mother

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently shared a photo of a signed BTS album that he received from J-Hope’s mother.

Previously, Leeteuk shared a story on “Ask Us Anything” about how he became closer with J-Hope’s parents after a chance meeting.

In his Instagram post, Leeteuk said in a series of hashtags, “My good neighbor, BTS’s J-Hope. Hoseok said he wanted to give me a signed CD, but our schedules didn’t line up, so I got this CD from Hobi’s mom. So I put a new cookbook and a diffuser in the bag she had given me, dropped it off at the security office by her home, and contacted her.”

He said to J-Hope’s mother, “Thank you for always taking care of me. And Hobi is so sincere and kind. He’s the best!!”

Leeteuk added that he told J-Hope and his mother in advance about posting the photo on Instagram, and said, “I’ll be rooting for your promotions in the future. And [to J-Hope’s mom], I hope you stay healthy.”

The signed CD from BTS reads: “To Teuki hyung~~~~ Hyung!! This is BTS!! Our new album is out, so we’re saying hi!! Thank you for always [being good] to your [younger brothers/juniors]!! We’re always inspired by [Super Junior’s] promotions, and we’re working hard, too. Stay healthy always, and please listen to our album a lot!!

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