Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Sustains Minor Injury Due To Assailant Backstage Of Musical Venue – KpopHit

On November 20, TV Chosun reported that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was injured the previous day by a weapon wielded by a woman in her 30s.

According to reports, the offender broke into the dressing room of a musical theater in Seoul and brandished a weapon at an actor, and Kyuhyun, who was present on site, was injured in the process of restraining her.

In response to the report, Kyuhyun’s agency Antenna shared, “Kyuhyun suffered a minor abrasion on his finger and was treated immediately at the scene.”

The Seoul Gangseo Police Station arrested the attacker on charges of special intimidation and is currently investigating her.

Wishing Kyuhyun a speedy recovery!

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