Super Junior’s Heechul Was Teased By His “Knowing Bros” Castmates For Pursuing Two Women At The Same Time – KpopHit

During an episode of JTBC Entertainment‘s Knowing Bros, Super Junior‘s Heechul was teased mercilessly by his castmates for pursuing two women at the same time.

It all began when guest Ji Hyo was asked whether she reached out to Heechul after hearing his dating news. She replied that she did in fact text him to congratulate him.

Source: Yukyu Hyuqian/YouTube

In response to her congratulatory text, Heechul replied thanking her, but what he said next really surprised her.

Source: Yukyu Hyuqian/YouTube

He sent a follow-up text that said, “Momo is a nice girl.” Oddly enough, Heechul denied this, however, Ji Hyo stuck to her guns and reminded him that she still had the texts saved in her phone!

Source: Yukyu Hyuqian/YouTube

Heechul shared with everyone that he and Ji Hyo are quite close and tend to reach out to each other when something noteworthy happens.

Source: Yukyu Hyuqian/YouTube

Seo Jang Hoon keenly observed that it appeared Heechul was pursuing two women at once…

Source: Yukyu Hyuqian/YouTube

… Which led Kang Ho Dong reaffirming that Momo was in fact a nice person! After all, only a nice person would let her boyfriend text other women, right? 😜

Source: Yukyu Hyuqian/YouTube

Watch Heechul grow increasingly embarrassed in the clip below:

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