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Kep1er‘s Yujin and “Gashina” singer Sunmi, both beautiful and radiant, were seen in the same LBD by David Koma which retails for an impressive $1450 USD.

Yujin gave off fresh vibes as the leader of the newly debuted Kep1er.

| Kep1er Official Facebook

While Sunmi gave off her iconic funky vibes.

| Naver Music Core

Yujin was seen in the dress for Kep1er’s concept photos and “WA DA DA” Official music video paired with a single black mesh opera glove and tall black boots and then a pair of black gloves respectively.

| Kep1er Official Facebook

She changed it up a little later in the music video by pairing a white blouse underneath.

She was also seen wearing the dress in two TikTok dance challenge videos.

| @official_kep1er/TikTok

| @official_kep1er/TikTok

Sunmi also wore the black dress in her “pporappippam” music video, and again in her Music Core performance.

| 1theK/YouTube

While she did not accessorize much in her music video, she paired the dress with a pair of R13 platform sneakers.

| 1theK/YouTube

And this cute mascot head!

| 1theK/YouTube

During her Music Core performance, Sunmi dressed it up a bit more with a pair of black lace opera gloves and black combat boots.

| Naver Music Core

Sunmi also took to TikTok in her pretty black dress!

They both looked amazing, and showed that accessories really change the vibe of an entire look!


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