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Article: We lost Sulli to hate comments… but ex-boyfriend Choiza is being terrorized with hate comments after MBC documentary

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+5,329, -102] Not sure what I expected from a public broadcast network… it truly does seem like celebrity scandals are made by the broadcast industry and media outlets

2. [+2,572, -83] MBC was low for this… tsk tsk. It’s obvious they were trying to make Choiza a target for witch hunting. I never believed that they were producing this documentary for Sulli’s good in the first place. Such devils.

3. [+2,884, -581] What was the point of this documentary? And isn’t the mother problematic for her interviews? I’m pretty sure that Sulli’s oppa said that they were estranged from her and that she didn’t care for them after her divorce with their dad and only showed up to fight for Sulli’s estate after she died. Why is she on this documentary now asking like she ever cared for her? And why is she naming Choiza as the reason her daughter died?

4. [+2,396, -269] How can you blame anyone for the decisions an adult made… the mother needs to realize that just as her daughter is precious to her, so is Choiza to his family

5. [+1,060, -54] The PD’s a sociopath. He’s basically encouraging a witch hunt against Choiza.

6. [+798, -33] I just don’t understand the mother. Her daughter went through so many hardships, why wasn’t she there for her? Why is she trying to blame all of this on her ex-boyfriend? Cutting contact with your daughter is not a good thing… She had already attempted suicide once, she shouldn’t have left her alone after that first time…

7. [+539, -14] Enough’s enough… stop trying to use the dead for viewer ratings. I can’t believe we’re still allowing her name to be gossipped about even after her death. Please… leave Choiza alone too…

8. [+520, -51] Choiza may not have directly killed Sulli but it’s fact that he wrote disgusting lyrics about her and allowed her to be gossipped about in dirty ways… and along with other issues, Sulli’s family, boyfriend, and friends all ignored her and left her lonely when she needed them. It’s obvious that Sulli’s mother was against the relationship due to their age gap, which I’m sure is understandable for most people… I just don’t think any of us have any right to be discussing her life and relationships right now.

Article: Sulli’s documentary made Choiza out to be the devil… Gaeko rages “all for the viewer ratings?”

Source: Seoul News via Naver

1. [+6,065, -349] I understand that any parent can oppose their daughter’s choice in partner but it makes me uncomfortable that the producers thought it was appropriate to broadcast the mother’s interview where she basically admits to failing to take care of her daughter and place full blame on Choiza instead. Who had the power to step in between the love of two young people? Not everyone dies just because their relationship is opposed. I’m not sure what the documentary was trying to say with all of this other than to make controversial headlines. How dare the mother criticize anyone else when she herself failed to protect her own child as her parent? She’s selfish enough to dump all of this on the son of another family, and it makes me think that Sulli never had a relationship with her in the first place because she’s such a selfish person.

2. [+2,343, -112] Sulli and her mother did not cut contact because of Choiza. It was because Sulli wanted financial independence and the mother didn’t like that. I don’t like how the blame is being put on Choiza for their relationship.

3. [+1,552, -49] MBC makes me sick. Why bring up Sulli again just to start another witch hunt? Will they be responsible if another death results?

4. [+684, -77] I saw the documentary. It was pretty clear what the intent was. To put the blame on Choiza and witch hunt him.

5. [+528, -176] Choiza isn’t completely innocent. He seduced a 20 year old and wrote nasty lyrics about her and ruined her image. How can he be innocent in this???

Article: “Have some shame” Sulli’s documentary causes Choiza’s SNS to be terrorized

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver

1. [+1,108, -85] I don’t like that all of the blame is being dumped on Choiza right now

2. [+964, -94] Sulli’s mother is so selfish… Sulli may have debuted at a young age but if she wanted financial independence past the age of 20, then she should have the right to do that. Why did their relationship go sour from that? I can understand the mother being opposed to a boyfriend 13 years older but I think that was just an excuse and the mother was really mad that she could no longer manage Sulli’s money… and now she’s trying to blame it all on Choiza to make herself feel better ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+694, -13] Why was the mother even trying to manage Sulli’s money as an adult when she had already divorced out of the family and had her own family and kids to take care of? Obviously Sulli has the rights to ask her mother for receipts since it’s her money that she made. Their relationship didn’t go sour because of Choiza but because of the money issues. I question whether the mother truly thinks participating in this documentary was for Sulli’s good.

4. [+425, -30] I don’t understand the mother. When she was told that Sulli had attempted suicide, the first thing she asked was “there’s no impact on her life, right?”;;;;;; and what’s up with her cutting contact with Sulli just because Sulli requested that the mother ask for money before spending it;;;;;;;;;; Sulli must’ve been so lonely… and I feel sorry that I didn’t show her more support when I could…

5. [+158, -5] I find it weird that when Sulli attempted suicide, the mother never visited just because the agency told her not to. I think the agency was trying to keep her away so they could bury the issue so it doesn’t seem like a big deal in the media but why would it be weird for the mother to have visited for any type of injury at all? Everyone would’ve been understanding of that. I feel like there must’ve been another reason that the mother wasn’t allowed to visit.

Article: Documentary PD clarifies< “Sulli’s mother said she was grateful to Choiza”

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver

1. [+1,553, -20] If the clips of Sulli’s mother saying that Sulli was happy with Choiza and seemed stable and she was grateful to him for that weren’t edited out, then I don’t think Choiza would be getting all this hate on SNS

2. [+930, -16] So the documentary edited out all the clips of the mother complimenting Choiza and purposely edited everything in a way that made it sound like Sulli’s mother blamed Choiza so that Choiza gets all this hate.. ㅋㅋㅋ Do you guys really think Sulli would be happy over this documentary in heaven right now?

3. [+424, -20] Seems like the PD had an agenda. And the mom wanted to put the blame on Choiza. What a weird documentary.

4. [+270, -11] The documentary flowed in a clear manner that showed that all of the hate was being directed to Choiza

5. [+132, -20] But when I think of the nasty lyrics Choiza wrote about her… I just don’t think he was a positive influence in her life. Either way, all that’s in the past, and I’m against Choiza receiving all this hate… but it doesn’t reflect well on him that he dated such a young girl as an ajusshi and wrote such lyrics about her…

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