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In light of the shocking news surrounding the “Nth Room” on Telegram where videos of underage girls being sexually assaulted were shared with paid subscribers, one student teacher at an elementary school expressed their fear of being punished for being a part of the infamous chatroom.

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On Naver’s Knowledge iN, one netizen uploaded a post titled, “If the identities of the persons involved in the Nth Room are revealed, will the schools find out?

According to the post, a student teacher working at an elementary school recently participated in the Nth Room.

The student teacher shared that he’s working hard as a student teacher and asked fellow netizens if there was a way to hide his connection to the chatroom that enslaved and sexually assaulted underage girls.

If the identities of the persons involved in the Nth Room are revealed, will the schools find out? I’m working really hard as a student teacher, so I was wondering if there’s a way to hide my involvement…

– Netizen

He then went on to explain that all he did was watch it due to his sexual needs and that he never distributed it.

Sexual urges are normal for men, so I just watched it once and didn’t even share it with anyone. Will I still be punished? How likely is it that the petition to expose all the identities will be approved? And if that does happen, will they send a letter to my house?

– Netizen

According to the current law in Korea, possession of child pornography can lead to a sentence of up to 1 year in jail and a fine up to 20 million won (~$16,000 USD).

The police are speculating that around 260,000 users watched the materials shared in the Nth Room, with around 10,000 paid members in the Baksa Room.

The petition to have all persons involved with the Nth Room is still ongoing with both citizens and celebrities on board.

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