Stray Kids unveils MV for “19,” from album “Cle 1: Miroh.” ⋆ KPOP WIKI

Stray Kids showed their moody side in a music video for “19,” another song from their recently released album “Cle 1: Miroh.” 

The boy band sits together with unreadable expressions in an after-party setting complete with balloons, mirror balls and glittery swirls. The mood, however, is soon subdued as suggested by the color of black dominating the scene.

Written and composed by members Bang Chan and Han, the song describes the angst of young men who are about cross the threshold into their 20s, and hence adulthood. Han, along with Hyunjin, Felix and Seungmin actually are 19. 

Stray Kids will resume their first showcase tour visiting Manila on April 27 before flying to the US where they will hold four live performances in New York, Los Angeles and Houston in May. 

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