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Rosé is famous for her distinctive, unique and unmistakable accent color. Possessing impressive vocals and beautiful appearance, the main vocalist of BLACKPINK always becomes the center of every vocal singing on stage. Not only impressing fans, Rosé’s voice also made celebrities to “stand still” when listening to her sing, as evidenced by the year-end awards ceremony, Rosé had the opportunity to “show her voice.” ”Before many idols from other groups, it can be seen that everyone is very excited every time Rosé’s voice is heard.

 Rosé has a very special accent color Rosé has a very special accent color

The clip of idols enjoying the songs of Rosé on stage combined with Chanyeol, Jihyo, 10cm at SBS Gayo Daejun 2016

Recently, fans were extremely excited when the leader of Stray Kids – Bang Chan did not hesitate to praise Rosé’s voice right on the livestream to chat with fans. The male idol turned on Rosé’s latest cover The Christmas Song then shared that he liked her voice so much, the guy said “She has a great voice.”

 Bang Chan listened to Rosé's cover and expressed his interest in Rosé's voice Bang Chan listened to Rosé’s cover and expressed his interest in Rosé’s voice

Rosé’s cover of The Christmas Song

The fact that heterosexual idols mention each other is extremely sensitive in Kpop, especially idols from entertainment giants. However, Bang Chan can be found very comfortable in expressing his admiration for Rosé in front of fans. He did not hesitate to praise Rosé’s voice: “Rosé sunbaenim has a very nice voice. I think she fits well and has shown the full meaning of the song. I want to give a compliment to the Australian sister. ” It is known that Bang Chan also lived in Australia for a long time, so he showed his full support to his senior from the same place he came from. The rare interaction between idols from the two giants YG and JYP makes fans extremely excited and hopes that both will have a future cooperation like BIGBANG and Wonder Girls in the past.

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