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The producers of SBS’s “Stove League” have commented on the possibility of a second season!

The hit drama starring Namgoong Min ended with a bang on February 14, scoring its highest viewership ratings yet during its finale.

On February 15, the producers of the drama revealed that though nothing has yet been set in stone, there is a strong chance that “Stove League” will return for another season—and that many of its cast members have expressed their desire to participate.

“We don’t have any news about Season 2 yet,” the producers stated, “but the actors have said, ‘We want to do a Season 2.’ Because the writer would have to prepare more [for a second season], we don’t know exactly when Season 2 would premiere.”

They went on, “Because the actors had such great chemistry, and because the atmosphere on set was wonderful, most of the cast have said that they would want to participate if we ended up doing a Season 2. As each of the actors was very satisfied with his or her roles, they’d most likely have a positive reaction to [the news of a] Season 2, but we haven’t formally discussed anything.”

Would you want to see “Stove League” return for a second season? Share your thoughts below!

Check out the finale of “Stove League” with English subtitles here:

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