Soyul tears up while reflecting on her relationship with the Crayon Pop members ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Soyul tears up, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell the Crayon Pop members about my marriage with Moon Hee Joon”

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+2,045, -102] She needed to have been honest at the time. There’s no point in coming out now and apologizing for it. What does she expect the members to respond with? It’s a bit off putting to see her act like this just so she can sleep better at night.

2. [+1,338, -45] Jam’s portion of the episode today just felt like a promotion for Crayon Pop

3. [+1,071, -275] She still married well. Her husband was once the leader of one of the biggest idol groups of his time.

4. [+153, -10] Team’s nuisances: Soyul, Yulhee, Sunye

5. [+152, -6] But why are you saying this on a show about celebrity fathers hanging out with their children..

6. [+140, -4] Why is a mother sharing her story on ‘Superman Returns’??

7. [+120, -6] There’s always people like this in your acquaintance group. They totally make you lose respect for them. You know to keep them at a distance.

8. [+112, -2] She’s the mom so why is she always on the episode. The point of the show is for the father to look after the kid like feeding them, changing their diapers…

9. [+100, -6] A group was crushed because of her. She’s just like Sunye. Totally selfish.

10. [+89, -2] This show is about celebrity children, not their mothers. The other families never showed the mothers like this.

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