Soojin and Minnie shared their changes after joining Queendom

Known as the new rookie dinosaurs, after participating Queendom, (G) -IDLE more explosive with his charisma on stage and talent. Listen to the shares of Minnie and Soojin about the changes Queendom brings to the girls!

Soojin and Minnie (G) -IDLE share about success after Queendom: We still don't believe it's true photo 0

After the success with Queendom, it seems that the girls themselves still could not believe it was true. When asked about my popularity recently, Soojin reply: “We heard a lot about this when both filming and interviewing. But we still can't believe it is true now. ”

Soojin and MinnieSoojin and Minnie

Minnie quick addition: “There are more people who know us. In the past, even with full makeup, there were people who didn't recognize us. But now people can easily recognize it even when we're bare-faced. That's why I'm a little surprised. ”

It seems the two girls are still not surprised at the explosive success that Queendom brings, Minnie shares: "This is really not easy, even when we debuted. The juniors debut every day and we think it's hard for us to stand out. We are just a group of a lot of hardworking people. So we don't expect anything too much. "

Soojin and Minnie (G) -IDLE share about success after Queendom: We still don't believe it's true photo 2 "width =" 1548 "height =" 774 "src =" https: //ss-images.catscdn .vn / wp700 / 2019/12/24/6688645 / 5b664c099a1cd-a377d9e6b0576569d91305696ec952f3.jpg

“Before our debut, we agreed that even if we didn't succeed, we would still create music because of our fun. With that in mind, we have always enjoyed and contented with what we have. I think this also has a positive effect on our performances. ”- Soojin added

Soojin and Minnie (G) -IDLE share about success after Queendom: We still don't believe it's true photo 3 "width =" 640 "height =" 439 "src =" https: //ss-images.catscdn .vn / wp640 / 2019/12/24/6688645 / original.jpg

As a close couple, they are not afraid to share their hobbies and personalities behind the stage. Minnie quickly shared about her sister: “Soojin often becomes quiet when people are around, so people are impressed by her coldness. But whenever we are together, he talks and jokes a lot. ”

Soojin has a very different feeling about Minnie: “She hasn't changed, no matter who she is with. Minnie is always cheerful, full of energy with cute actions. ” Disagreeing with this idea, Minnie said that she only acted cute when being with Soojin.

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When asked about her hobbies, Soojin shared: "I love going for walks, there are times when I go with Minnie." Minnie, meanwhile, is different: “Soojin, Shuhua and I often go to breakfast together. Every time we go abroad, we get up early and go to breakfast together. ”

Differences in interests, but both have similar musical interests. Minne shared about her sister: “Soojin listens to music a lot but she is good at finding songs instead of just listening to top songs. When I listened to songs recommended by Soojin, I really liked it. We both like it Billie Eilish. When I was a trainee, Soojin let me listen to the song Idontwanabeyouanymore and that's how I got to know Billie Eilish. We all like songs with dark colors.

Both like Billie EilishBoth like Billie Eilish

When talking about the group's music, Soojin shared: “All 6 of us have different music styles, Minnie likes emotional songs, Yuqi I like the strong melody of Hiphop, Miyeon like old songs, Shuhua I like ballad music and I like songs that are moderately rhythmic, and the music of Soyeon is very rich and varied. But the interesting thing is we all like the music of (G) – IDLE. Whenever writing music, Soyeon thinks about us, so we like all the songs. "

Soojin and Minnie (G) -IDLE share about success after Queendom: We still don't believe it's true 6 "width =" 1024 "height =" 683 "src =" https: //ss-images.catscdn .vn / wp700 / 2019/12/24/6688645 / idle.jpg

Soojin and Minnie's shares help us see how close the girls are to each other. The six members all have different personalities and musical preferences, but when they are together, they are the perfect 1 (G) -IDLE and no one can replace them. Please stay tuned and support the girls!

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