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VAV’s Made For Two arrives on the heels of member Baron’s military enlistment, offering a needed salve to fans who are already missing him. Though VAV’s style has shifted to please musical trends, their title tracks have always been steered by jack-of-all-trades producer Ryan S. Jhun. At his best, Jhun has a gift for a great pop melody, and some of that expertise can be heard throughout Made For Two.

This is an odd track, inverting expectations by delivering most of its driving percussion during the verses. In contrast, the chorus hangs in the air without much instrumentation to support it. This works well the first time through, but I think the track would have benefited from an arrangement that gradually built momentum before climaxing in a more fleshed-out chorus during its final moments. As it stands, Made For Two feels like a constant tease, never quite paying off in the way I would have hoped.

Still, I’m a fan of many of the song’s approaches. I love how the verses are anchored by a repetitive vocal line. It’s very “show choir,” but never feels overly cheesy. This arrangement is a welcome diversion from the repetitive samples that make up so many other boy group instrumentals. These vocals add great warmth to the track’s insistent kick. And though I might have opted for a more striking chorus, the vocal arrangement is a strength here as well. Well-placed synth flourishes add interest to these segments, especially when they become more orchestral during Made For Two’s finale. I appreciate the song’s willingness to play with structure, even as I’m still waiting for that final, energetic exclamation point.



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