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While it might not be an official debut, My Heart Skip A Beat is the first taste of new RBW girl group Purple Kiss. Sharing an agency with Mamamoo, expectations are high for what these girls will eventually deliver. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if Heart ends up being a red herring. It comes across as more of an attention grabber than a statement of what the group stands for.

Dreamcatcher have pretty much cornered the market on metal-influenced K-pop, but My Heart Skip A Beat attempts to replicate that success. I appreciate the effort, but the track is kind of a mess. Rather than traditional dance elements, the instrumental hinges on big, distorted guitar. This forms a great backbone, but the song itself doesn’t take advantage of the bombast. Remove the cool production and there’s just not much substance to be found. I would have loved to hear a more dynamic chorus. Instead, the titular hook has a slightly irritating delivery, at odds with the robust instrumentation supporting it.

It’s hard to tell if Purple Kiss’s vocals will live up to the high precedent set by Mamamoo. They’re quite processed here, which is an odd choice given the genre of the track. You don’t often hear autotune set against heavy metal guitars, and I think there’s a reason for that. Instead, My Heart Skip A Beat’s best moments come during a drumline-driven rap bridge, which unveils an arrangement that probably should have been extended throughout more of the track.


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