Song Review: OnlyOneOf – Angel – KpopHit

Despite a fair amount of online buzz, OnlyOneOf have largely flown under my radar. However, their 2019 title track Sage ended up growing on me quite a bit after watching it performed over and over on weekly music shows. I guess repetition will do that. Still, up to this point I think I’ve enjoyed their concepts more than their music. That could change with new single Angel, which finds a satisfying middle ground between mood and melody, concept and song.

Produced by hip-hop phenom Gray, Angel unveils a relatively straightforward groove. Right from the start, it teases us with its hook before moving into a solid – if unspectacular – verse. Still, I appreciate the continuity during this segment. Even when the track fractures into a pre-chorus rap break with vocal effects aplenty, there’s enough connective material to make the diversion work.

Angel shines greatest during its chorus. The hook is simple and repetitive, but it’s just so smooth. I love the airy, overlapping vocals, and how the refrain echoes the same melodic tugs that appear throughout the track. I could do without the pitched synth squiggles in the background, but the rhythmic, guitar-meets-electro production goes down easy. Angel’s bridge adds a welcome sense of drama before we hit the slickness of its chorus once more. There’s nothing particularly visionary happening here, but the track makes the most of its breezy charm. It’s one of the few songs we’ve heard this year that sounds like summer, and that’s an extremely welcome prospect.


Source: BiasList

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