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In a double-hitter, two of Wanna One’s most prominent members have released new music this week. Kang Daniel went first yesterday with the slick 2U, and Ong Seong Wu is right behind him with Gravity. So far, Seong Wu’s music has played things down the middle, opting for pleasant, generic fare over more daring material. This isn’t all that surprising. I always imagined that his career would involve more acting than music. I’m actually a little shocked that he’s released as many songs as he has.

Gravity fits right within his wheelhouse. It’s a song that could have been performed by anyone, though Seong Wu brings some spark to the proceedings. Lauded as one of Wanna One’s strongest dancers, he’s actually a solid vocalist as well. That can be heard clearly during Gravity’s cathartic hook, which draws on a piercing power note to harness the song’s emotion. Elsewhere, Seong Wu’s performance is more pensive and airy – perfectly polished but relatively faceless.

The same could be said of Gravity as a whole. It ties together elements of EDM, trap and acoustic pop to create a familiar brew that’s atmospheric but somewhat inert. Most of the track is too tightly structured to have the explosive effect it seeks. The surging arrangement goes for broke, but never in an unexpected or novel way. Instead, we’re left with a pleasant showcase for Seong Wu’s talent. There are worse things to release at this stage of a career. I just wish Gravity offered a better glimpse into the kind of recording artist he wants to be. But, judging by his composition and lyrical credits on the track, he’s probably just content to craft solid, mainstream pop music for now. That’s totally fine. However, I doubt I’ll remember Gravity in a year’s time.


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