Song Review: D-CRUNCH – Pierrot

I’ve reviewed every D-CRUNCH title track on this site, and I know that I enjoyed most of them. But, I can’t recall a single one. Sometimes that’s the way it is with K-pop – especially if you listen to every idol release you can. There’s such an over-supply of music flooding the market, and the majority of it sounds pretty much the same. But even without fully recalling D-CRUNCH’s past work, I can confidently call Pierrot my least favorite of their title tracks.

If you’re in the mood for some noise, and Agust D’s boisterous brag-fest wasn’t quite enough for you, Pierrot will scratch that itch — and then pummel you to the ground. It’s a good old-fashioned clatter trap, light on melody and heavy on distorted instrumental madness. I prefer a crisper arrangement to my pop songs, or at the very least a sense of purpose. Pierrot just lumbers around like an angry toddler, throwing fractured trap beats and clobbering synths over the barest of refrains. There are some interesting ideas here and there, including a neat bit of percussion during the climax, but the overall listening experience isn’t exactly pleasant.

Beyond that, Pierrot never helps forge an identity for D-CRUNCH. I’ve heard this kind of noisy boy group track many times over, to pretty much the same effect. I sense some powerful vocals trying to fight through the production, but the guys are never really allowed to sing. Even the rap segments aren’t given time to find their footing. Sadly, it’s a mess – and not a particularly memorable one.

** I do like how they all seem to be wearing face masks in that promo shot, though. Good PSA!


Source: BiasList

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