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Thus far, CRAVITY’s promotional schedule has included duel concepts. Their title tracks opt for a harder-hitting dance pop style, while their follow-ups embrace the lighter side of boy group fare. The latter has offered greater opportunity to deliver solid pop melody, making it my preferred sound for the group. And though I would have enjoyed seeing them tackle the ebullient Hot Air Balloon for promotions, Ohh Ahh is a decent choice as well.

Ohh Ahh isn’t particularly novel. Its sharp synth textures echo plenty of K-pop tracks of our current era, slightly retro but bending in a way that also recalls elements used in future bass. Me being me, I would have preferred a brighter sound palette, but this is a nice balance between the cotton candy fluff of a song like Cloud 9 and the edgier sounds of Flame.

More importantly, Ohh Ahh has a great little chorus. The refrain harnesses old-school electro funk but quickly blossoms into a more commanding hook that draws upon the guys’ vocals in an exciting way. There’s a satisfying groove here that could have been extended more fully throughout the entire track. A song like this really thrives on rhythm, and Ohh Ahh’s verses are a bit too stop/start for my taste. Still, the track scores points for retaining its playful nature even as it attempts to swerve in different directions to incorporate CRAVITY’s many members. If you’re looking for an even stronger track within this same wheelhouse, I’d recommend checking out Golden Child’s excellent OMG.


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