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I wasn’t too enthralled with 3YE’s debut year sound, but February’s Queen hit me unexpectedly hard. I appreciated how it drew from older K-pop elements, largely foregoing trends. That song alone made me anticipate the group’s eventual comeback. For the first time, a 3YE track arrived with expectations. And judging from my initial shoulder shrug reaction to YESSIR, expectations can be a dangerous thing.

In reality, I still prefer YESSIR to 3YE’s 2019 material, but it loses some of the fun electro spark that made Queen such a treat. Instead, the song feels like a spiritual successor to Everglow’s Dun Dun, given a brassy makeover to compliment the year’s trends. YESSIR is loud… pretty much from beginning to end. It fashions itself on a marching band/drumline concept, and the track packs a similar wallop. You may not love every moment of YESSIR, but you’ll certainly hear it coming. Being a fan of bombast, this isn’t a deal breaker for me. I actually enjoy the forcefulness of the opening verse, which sees the girls deliver a catchy melody over slamming percussion.

From here, YESSIR enters a standard K-pop build, culminating in a chorus that is boisterous but ultimately unmemorable. Rather than deliver an iconic hook, it’s the latest case of fashioning together a bunch of dum dum, rum pum pum, tum tums together and calling it a chorus. There are actually real lyrics this time, but the sentiment is the same. It works within YESSIR’s clobbering context, but I think that more attention to melodic structure would have made this a total standout.


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