Song Kang Talks About His Ideal Type, Career, And Goals For 2020

Song Kang recently participated in a photo shoot for fashion magazine Singles!

During the interview, Song Kang was first asked about the type of person he’s attracted to. He revealed, “Rather than their appearance, I look at their individual charms. But I do like people who have warm images or auras.” He then revealed that although he was the type of person to fall in love at first sight, he was unable to confess to them.

The actor later discussed his upcoming drama “Sweet Home.” The drama will be based on a popular thriller webtoon about humans who become monsters while in an isolated space. Its cast line-up includes Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Kim Nam Hee, Go Min Si, and more. Song Kang stated, “I’ll be taking on the role of Cha Hyun Soo, a socially withdrawn loner who shuts himself in his room after experiencing school violence. After he loses his family, he moves away to a different apartment and experiences strange things. I feel really sad for Hyun Soo.”

In response to a question about his future as an actor, Song Kang commented that he wanted to become an actor like his “When the Devil Calls Your Name” co-star Jung Kyung Ho. “When Kyung Ho arrives on set, the entire mood changes. After seeing him look so at ease while acting, he looked so cool, so I thought that I wanted to be like him. Even when we’re on break after the cameras stop rolling, he has a script in his hand, agonizing [over his work]. I learned a lot from him.”

Song Kang then talked about staying at home on his days off and playing games, running errands, and riding his bike around Hangang Park.

When asked about his goals for 2020, Song Kang answered, “It was my goal since last year, but I haven’t reached it yet, so I want to try again this year. Winning the Best Rookie Actor award at the end of the year! I really want to receive it. I have a habit of writing in my diary in my spare time, and strangely enough, many of my goals and dreams have been achieved. That’s why I’m determined [for this goal] this year once again as I write in my diary.”

Song Kang’s pictorial and interview can be found in the January issue of Singles magazine.

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