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Actress Song Ji Hyo has always been known for her beauty, proving it time and time again on SBS‘s Running Man. On the most recent episode, however, the actress stunned the Running Man cast with not only her beauty but also her never-aging, youthful looks!

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On the most recent episode of Running Man, the cast members of the show went back to the ’80s for a special time. To go along with the theme, the 41-year-old actress came onto the set wearing an old school uniform and a very voluminous pigtail hairstyle. While she is known for her “zoned out” personality, Song Ji Hyo’s looks received numerous compliments from her castmates. They couldn’t stop calling her “pretty Ji Hyo”!

Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man” | SBS

The cast of Running Man went along with their ’80s theme by creating bands and with their bands, they would eventually go on to perform. Along with her bandmates, Haha and Yang Se Chan, Song Ji Hyo was given the important role as the main vocal.

Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man” | SBS

Her vocals, however, were not the reason behind all her attention; her never-aging beauty stole the show. Pigtails are a popular hairstyle for young girls, but Song Ji Hyo rocked the look!

Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man” | SBS

Did we mention that the actress is 41 years old? Song Ji Hyo proves that beauty can be ageless and that age is truly just a number.

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Be sure to catch Song Ji Hyo along with the rest of her Running Man castmates every Sunday on SBS!


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