Son Ye Jin’s Agency Reassures Fans After Hospital Visit While Filming “Crash Landing On You”

MSteam Entertainment has responded to reports about Son Ye Jin’s health

On January 27, reports emerged that Son Ye Jin had been taken to the emergency room while filming tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” due to being overworked.

In response, a source from her agency explained, “Son Ye Jin visited the emergency room due to built-up fatigue from filming her drama. She has received the necessary treatment and has returned to the drama set. It was not a serious illness, she was feeling fatigued from filming.” They went on to say, “The reason she had to go to the emergency room is because regular hospital services were closed as it is a public holiday today.”

A source from the staff of “Crash Landing on You” also explained, “Son Ye Jin took a brief visit to the hospital during the holidays as she was feeling under the weather. She has now returned to the set of the drama.”

Son Ye Jin currently appears alongside Hyun Bin in tvN’s “Crash Landing on You,” and the drama has been enjoying great success, hitting their highest viewership ratings on January 19 at 14.6 percent.

We hope Son Ye Jin is feeling much better!

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Top Photo Credits: Xportsnews.

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