On the morning of August 14 KST, Som Hye In, a former “Idol School” contestant who not too long ago got here out as bisexual, launched a long observation reiterating that she wasn’t requesting reputation or consideration together with her determination to return out. She additionally talked very in brief concerning the accusations of her being a bully in center faculty, announcing that she has spoken to the concerned events and resolved the problem.

Hello, that is Som Hye In.

I believe the general public most definitely don’t know who I’m. Honestly, I used to be bowled over through the truth that somebody like me is constant to hit real-time seek ratings.

I’m now not well-known, and all I’ve been on is one episode of ‘Idol School’ two years in the past, so it shocked me to peer what number of people cared about my popping out.

First, to provide an explanation for slightly bit concerning the [school violence] controversy, the concerned events have already spoken and resolved the problem, so I gained’t speak about it to any extent further. And I’d love to shed light on yet again that I didn’t pop out to cover up any controversy or to make myself identified.

Many have mentioned, ‘What is there to brag about? Do you just want attention?’ or ‘You can just date quietly, why are you shouting it from the rooftops?’ But I used to be by no means loud about it. I’ve mentioned this ahead of, however now not as soon as have I requested for consideration.

I first got here out on July 31. At the time, there was once now not just about as giant of passion or a reaction as there was now, and I believed the reaction that I did get was once massive. Just a little over every week after that, this took place.

I’m now not a well-known individual. People discovered on account of the unexpected information protection, feedback, and movies. I by no means known as for consideration. People are taking tales about me and posting it on-line adore it’s a large deal. How am I intended to prevent that.

Just like everybody else, I posted [photos] of me relationship the individual I really like. I simply sought after to precise that brazenly, just like the ‘Lovestagrams’ that such a lot of other people publish. Because you’re unfastened to precise your self on Instagram. I don’t wish to develop into well-known. I don’t wish to develop into a TV persona. I’m simply doing what I would like.

If I did [want to become famous], I might’ve put myself on display after having already launched an album. If I got here out so I might be on TV, I might have already ready to seem on a program. But I’ve now not given a unmarried concept to being on tv in Korea and residing within the display. That’s why I mentioned that if other people proceed to publish speculations and malicious articles, feedback, and movies, I might be taking criminal motion.

I additionally don’t plan on tough that folks perceive my love or bisexuality. But why do I’ve to listen to other people say that I’m a misandrist, mentally unwell, disgusting, and different gross sexual insults?

I call to mind myself as simply someone else that’s residing on the planet, so I didn’t suppose I might make waves and forget about the ache of the folk I really like and use my sexuality as a weapon once I got here out. So lengthy as I used to be born as me, I wish to are living doing the issues I would like with the folk I really like.

Why has my love been so distorted that I’ve to provide an explanation for myself? I used to be simply being open, and I wasn’t requesting the rest.

P.S. I’m now not best having a look on the damaging feedback. I’ve noticed all of the nice feedback, the enhance, encouragement, and considerations from everybody, and I’m so, so grateful, from the ground of my middle. They give me such a lot power, and I’m unfit of such kindness, so I tear up each and every time I learn them. Really.

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