Solo Fanmeeting, Album, Musical & Reality TV - Here Is What Jung DaeHyun Has Been Busy With As A Solo Artist

There has been a rising trend in the K-Pop industry to debut as a solo artist and Jung DaeHyun is currently doing the same too.

thought it would be interesting to take a look at the activities he had been busy with ever since he had signed on as a solo artist under STX LION-HEART.

Long time K-Pop fans would know his name but for those who do not, here is a short introduction about him.

Jung DaeHyun debuted as a member B.A.P back in 2012 and was recognised for being the main vocal of the group. His unique vocal and musicality allowed him to stand out and many had also noticed the amount of hard work he is putting in to reach out to his fans again.

Taking a look, he had held his birthday fanmeeting together with his fans earlier in June when he celebrated his 27th birthday (Korean age).


Jung DaeHyun had also announced his official fanclub name through a V-Live session back in September.

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His fans are called I.Y (pronounced as ah-yee) and assured them that he had a surprise comeback that would be taking place soon.

With the impending comeback news that he had provided, I.Y was extremely excited. Jung DaeHyun later released his first single album “Aight” on Oct. 11.

Below is the music video for ‘Aight’ and you should definitely check it out!

Thanks to the colorful aesthetics, eye catching choreography and of course, Jung DaeHyun’s vocals. I.Y could not help but find themselves falling for him even more.

He then busied himself with even more activities when he made appearances on music shows, radio shows and even variety programs!

It was later announced that he had even clinched a character in the musical “Grease”!

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Jung DaeHyun will have the role of Danny and the musical will be running from Nov. 26 onward. I.Y, make sure to mark your calendars down so you can catch him in “Grease”!

There will be more and more from Jung DaeHyun and this is the last activity that we will cover (for now)!

“Aight REALITY SERIES” or better known as Jung DaeHyun’s individual reality program is also uploaded on STX LION-HEART official YouTube and V-Live channels. As of Nov. 8, there are already 3 episodes!

Through the reality program, I.Y is able to get to know more about Jung DaeHyun and even check out some of the rare images he has off stage. Many are also glad to see that he is able to pursue and do what he loves.

With a smooth and successful start as a solo artist, I.Y hopes that they will continue to see even more meaningful contents from Jung DaeHyun.

Are you also amazed by how far Jung DaeHyun had come?


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