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SM Entertainment is gearing up to debut a new girl group. Allegedly part of this mysterious lineup are famous trainees Lami, Ningning, and Jungyeon among others who already have a considerable fan base.

Rumored to be in the lineup is famous SM Rookie Lami.

They have performed a number of times on television, giving fans considerable content before the final lineup has even been announced.

Added to the excitement is a possible new addition that SM Entertainment has just revealed through a BBC documentary.

This new trainee is said to be Jin Hyunbin, a powerful vocalist who has appeared alongside Red Velvet‘s Wendy in a small show.

jin hyunbin

She even sang “Zimzalabim” and “Bad Boy” to her senior idol’s delight.

Not much is known about her aside from her talent and gorgeous visuals.

She was allegedly born in 2001 and studies in Hanlim Multi Art School.

jin hyunbin3

jin hyunbin4

We can’t wait to see more of her!


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