SIXTEEN and Idol School contestant Natty has signed with Swing Entertainment to prepare for her debut.

According to an exclusive report from Xportnews, Natty recently signed her exclusive contract with Swing Entertainment and is preparing for her debut. The format of her debut, whether it will be as a soloist or in a group, was not specified.

Swing Entertainment later confirmed the reports were true with their statement released to the press.

Itโ€™s true that Natty has signed an exclusive contract with us.

โ€” Swing Entertainment

Natty first made herself known to the public through her appearance on JYP Entertainmentโ€˜s survival show SIXTEEN, which selected the members of TWICE. After she did not make the final lineup, she joined Mnetโ€˜s Idol School, which selected the members for fromis_9. She also did not make it to the final lineup of fromis_9, placing 13th.

Source: Herald Pop and Xportnews

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