Simon Dominic Goes Viral For Hilarious Response To A Young Fan Who Asked Him To Get Married

Simon Dominic recently had a hilarious exchange with a fan!

On February 11, the rapper shared a screenshot of a Twitter conversation he had with a fan that began circulating online. In December 2013, a fan tweeted at him, saying, “Why! A 12-year age gap is popular these days.”

Simon Dominic said, “What is this little one saying?” to which she replied, “You’re going to regret it later, so I’ll continue to propose to you so that you won’t regret this in the future.” He tweeted back, “We’ll see how long this lasts,” and she stated, “Please look forward to it.”

A whopping seven years later, the fan commented under this thread to tweet at Simon Dominic once again. On February 11, 2020, she wrote, “So why don’t you get married to me now?”

Simon Dominic posted a screenshot of this conversation on Instagram and added in the caption, “What is this youngster still saying?”

This exchange went viral online and Simon Dominic’s name even topped realtime searches on a Korean portal site. He then held a live stream where he shared his thoughts on marriage. Simon Dominic joked, “I have to get ready if I’m going to get married. I have to do a face mask and take care of my skin. I need good skin to prepare for my wedding.”

He continued, “To be honest, I don’t have any plans on getting married. I have a lot of things to do. I plan to live more busily in 2020 than I did in 2019. I still have a long way to go before I get married.”

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