Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan Gives Honest Thoughts About Mental Illness And The Entertainment Industry – KpopHit

Shinhwa‘s Kim Dongwan posted a message on his Instagram that caught the attention of many people.

With recent news of Sulli‘s passing, the entertainment industry has been in a state of grief. Kim Dongwan revealed his honest thoughts regarding mental illness and the entertainment industry.

When athletes encounter a ligament injury, there will always be the recommendation to go through surgery even if it is something that can be treated through rehab and therapy. It is recommended because the time spent during rehab is also during the term of the contract. With more and more celebrities and media emerging, there are more things that are forced on each other. There are too many adults expecting these young kids to stay healthy and smile even though they are not able to eat what they want or sleep comfortably. They want them to be sexy, but not too sexy, tough, while not fighting with someone. I’ve thought about all the younger generation in this industry, running after money and dreams, even if it brought mental illness. There have been many essays and reports on the side effects of using psychotropic drugs. Using drugs as an easy solution to problems should not be overlooked. Large-scale companies should not overlook the fact that their complacent actions can act as a host to this infectious disease.


Fans showed support in his message and hoped that more idol members would post honestly about this issue.



Fans and celebrities are all deeply saddened by the news of Sulli’s passing. It is up to everyone to help one another and prevent another tragedy from happening.


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